VOID™ VALUES is the strategy, development, branding and marketing unit as well as the ideation & creative hub within the VOID International Media Group. Our strategy and development task force consists of CEOs, CMOs, consultants and internationally renowned experts (Forbes, TEDx, McKinsey & Company, BCG, Publicis Groupe, Bertelsmann).

Silver, Gold? Platinum!

If marketing is silver and branding is gold, then individualization and personalization are platinum? But how do you reach customers authentically these days, and how do you address them on various channels in such a way that fans, followers, and viewers become future customers? This year alone, 1 million minutes of video are streamed or downloaded every single second.  The Covid 19 pandemic has given the ongoing video hype another powerful boost, and brands should take advantage.

Noise to Signal Principle

Advertise smart – not hard. In a market flooded with content and marketing promotions, consumers are exposed to between 400 and 10,000 brand messages – every single day. The challenge for all brand strategists and marketers: How can you effectively break through the noise with your message? It’s like an old television set. Be the signal, not the noise. Relevance is what grabs the audience’s attention and piques their interest. Make sure your customers experience an emotional high. Emotionalize and, most importantly, surprise your customers. Create an agile identity and don’t be predictable – contentwise. The art and science of delivering relevant content nowadays are largely based on data-driven insights – understanding your customers, monitor the behavior of users, tracking trends, and being able to deliver relevant customer messages in real-time. Data is everything – use data wisely and create effective storytelling based on data and facts – Don’t listen to your gut.

Value Driven Change

“New” values are crucial when it comes to the customer’s lifetime value. Whether someone buys an expensive electric car to do their fair share for a green planet or puts their $5 into a black-owned coffee shop, consumers will increasingly shop by value. One size fits all is over. Empathy is key. Brands need to respond to this by being clear about their own values first and foremost, and then proactively communicating them. It will no longer be just about brand values, but also about softer factors and values as differentiators.

This is our method. In 4 steps to success.

This is our strategy process.

We have designed our own system and matrix to develop successful long-term marketing, branding, positioning and content strategies. With more than 20 years of experience and various international top experts. TheCore has been developed, tested and successfully applied tens of times. No matter what challenge you are facing. A relaunch, a new positioning, a new product launch, a social media campaign or a global marketing campaign. We are your external task force. Let us define goals together, work on your values and optimize your messages for the different channels and target groups and bring them to success together.

The road to success starts right here.