VOID™ VOYAGE (formerly KOMOREBI®) is the leading international content studio focused on the travel and tourism industry. We create award-winning storytelling videos and campaigns – from concept to content. Destination marketing, local, regional and global brand campaigns, storytelling for (luxury) hotels, airlines, tourism boards and project developers. We produce engaging location and destination marketing videos, loyalty campaigns, world-class cinematic travel content, vertical content, seasonal campaigns, and special events. Our videos and campaigns reach millions of users on all channels. VOID VOYAGE works with a global network of incredibly talented filmmakers, directors and hungry storytellers. This includes some of the best content creators in the world. Our global community includes more than 50,000 creators. Some of them have been in the running for the OSCARS®, worked for EMMY®-awarded productions, won the famous LA Shorts, World Travel Awards, or the world’s largest short film award.

We don’t just produce videos; we don’t just create campaigns; we tell authentic travel and purpose-driven brand stories, captivating adventures and emotional moments – made for all screens. We amaze your audience with breathtaking pictures and never-seen-before travel content. Our videos convert viewers into customers.

The Time is Now

After the Corona pandemic, the motto is #MakeMemories. The world is open again, people want to travel again. They want unforgettable experiences. Take the opportunity now to place your messages in a way that your future guests will notice. The market is flooded with content and campaigns, all brands are communicating at the same time , to attract attention through all channels. STOP! Make a difference – work with us! VOID VOYAGE – we are the Netflix for the travel industry. Let’s create campaigns and content together that will outshine the competition. Be one step ahead of your competitors. Work with the No.1 for modern travel storytelling.

…but what makes you guys different?

We work fundamentally differently. We have built a unique global network of creatives, content and strategy executives, producers, and directors over 15 years. We don’t do off-the-shelf. For each project, we assemble a completely new creative, strategy, and production team that fits the very special challenge of every single project. This way we ensure that the absolute best outcome is always guaranteed. We don’t work with hierarchies or large overheads. As a result, 80-90% of the budget flows directly into creation and production, not into administration. We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Your content must have one thing above all: relevance. Relevance, and the right channel for your specific target audience. You have to find and, more importantly, understand your customer’s DNA. This is how you achieve your goal: Content to Results.

It doesn’t make sense to take any influencer or celebrity with a million fans, go to Cape Town or the Maldives and shoot some fancy sunsets and superfood.  We are all tired of the same and same generic stock like footage. So, now the most important question: